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Olli shoe store
Olli shoe store

OLLI is a modern online store for women's shoes, where you will find many models from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Here you can:

  • carefully study each pair of shoes and its characteristics;
  • find out the cost;
  • select the right size.

In our production, we use only high quality materials and try to create models in various colors. Online shoe store for women offers you unique models. Fashionable boots and boots are what we know best.

Shop for inexpensive women's shoes for all occasions. In our work, we take care of every detail. We make shoes from natural materials - leather, nubuck and suede, the soles are non-slip, which guarantees stabilization while walking even if it's icy or raining outside.

Our Benefits

We reveal the beauty, irresistibility and charm of women of all types of appearance.


We are manufacturers and we can offer the best price for shoes with high quality

total look

All models of shoes are carefully thought out and suitable for various elements of clothing and accessories.

For all seasons

We produce a wide range of footwear for all seasons and seasons.

High Quality

Olli shoes are made from quality natural materials and last a long time.


Our products are presented in various colors, for any of your wardrobe and mood.

Quality boots in the online store of women's shoes in Kyiv

OLLI presents models adapted to the needs and preferences of each client, regardless of her age and taste. We offer a wide selection of women's shoes in a variety of styles, ideal for special occasions, casual outings and outings with family or friends.

Women's shoes in the online store are a guarantee of comfort and convenience that you will feel during a long and busy day. As manufacturers, we are well aware that high-quality shoes give a woman the strength to solve daily tasks. That is why each model is designed with the needs of the modern woman in mind. To meet all your expectations, we have created an online women's shoe store where you can quickly, conveniently and easily make an individual choice and find a pair that is perfect for your style, taste and wardrobe. Be sure to check out our wide range!

OLLI is a wide range, fashionable, original and practical styles, as well as an easy and convenient way to quickly find practical boots. We made sure that every woman can choose the perfect shoe model for any season and occasion. We guarantee the highest quality products and excellent service.

The fact that women's shoes can be inexpensive does not mean at all that they will have a short service life. Our products are made on Italian equipment, so they are of high quality. Having our own production allows us to keep low prices for all products.

Feedback from our clients

Ольга / 30/05/2022
Доброго дня! отримала сьогодні ці сапожки і спішу поділитись враженням.Як для мене, то вони ідеальні. Такі самі, як на фото, розмір в розмір, завужена і акуратна моделька.Навіть застібнулись на моїх п..
Надя / 15/05/2022
Дякуємо. Дуже класні ботфорти! Дуже зручні! Виглядають стильно! Спасибі менеджеру, яка допомогла визначитися на мою дуже широку гомілку! Дуже ввічливий грамотний, добре навчений своїй справі менеджер!..
Марина / 12/05/2021
Велике Вам спасибі, за Ваш магазин. Я не одноразово купую у Вас взуття та залишаюся дуже задоволена. Вчора замовила ще дві пари черевиків тієї ж таки марки для мами. Взуття просто супер. Все ідеально ..
Кристина / 10/05/2021
Туфлі, СУПЕР! Ідуть на чисто вузьку ногу. Замовила дуже задоволена. Увечері зробила замовлення телефоном. Другого дня вдень вже були на пункті отримання. Я дуже задоволена, замовляла взуття неодноразо..