Olli Company

The Ukrainian company OLLI has been operating in the footwear market for 10 years. Over the years, she has won the love of many Ukrainian women. The company specializes in the production of women's shoes at affordable prices. Moreover, all shoes, without exception, are available to absolutely any woman. This is due to the fact that OLLI produces shoes entirely in its factory exclusively on Italian equipment. The company does not stand still, and is constantly developing, acquiring more and more new equipment, which allows you to significantly expand the range of shoes. At the same time, OLLI keeps competitively low prices for its shoes, which allows all Ukrainian women to afford to buy any model, whether it be shoes or boots. Shoes are presented in many retail stores throughout Ukraine.

All produced shoe models can also be purchased at the OLLI online store. You only need to choose the appropriate model and it will be delivered to you anywhere in the country. In addition, in order for customers to have more opportunities to consider and try on shoes, OLLI plans to open a company store in Kharkov. So stay tuned for company news. Every year the company produces 4 collections of shoes for our fashionistas. Moreover, each collection includes 300 models. And the size range goes from 36 to 40. All models are developed by designers not only taking into account world fashion trends, but also fully adapted to the Ukrainian climate. The soles themselves are made in Ukraine, and high-quality leather is made in Italy and Turkey. All this in combination gives unique models adapted for Ukraine. After all, the motto of OLLI is real shoes. And indeed the shoes are very practical. There are models with low heels made of genuine leather, nubuck or suede. They are perfect for everyday life. There are also models with high heels for real fashionistas. And there are comfortable models for older women. There are also author's models developed by OLLI designers.

As you can see from the assortment, any woman of any age will be able to choose stylish and comfortable shoes for herself, and at a completely affordable price. For wholesale buyers, OLLI always has good conditions and prices. After all, OLLI shoes are easy to sell, because they are very popular among Ukrainian women. OLLI has repeatedly participated in various exhibitions throughout the country. In July 2016, the company once again took part in the international shoe exhibition in Kyiv. Buying OLLI shoes you buy real shoes, because shoes should not only be stylish and fashionable, but also bring complete comfort and pleasure to their owner. OLLI company - real shoes!